Toll Road Directions from DIA:

From DIA - Take Pena Blvd. west to E470 N (3 $1.75 tolls). take 287 exit and turn right (north). Continue about 8 miles to Lookout Rd. and turn left. Drive about 4 miles and you will pass the Lookout Inn on your right. Turn right on Idylwild and follow the signs to the Lookout Inn parking lot.

Driving Directions No Toll

1. Start out going WEST on PENA BLVD. and go 10.30 miles.
2. Merge onto I-70 W and go 6.04 miles.
3. Take the I-270 W exit, EXIT 279, toward FT COLLINS. and go 0.31 miles.
4. Merge onto US-36 W. and go 23.17 miles.
5. Merge onto FOOTHILLS PKWY/CO-157 N to CU STADIUM. and go 4.97 miles.
6. FOOTHILLS PKWY/CO-157 N to CO-119 N/DIAGONAL HWY. and go 2.35 miles.
7. Turn right onto 63RD ST and go 0.10 miles.
8. Turn LEFT onto LOOKOUT RD. and go 0.79 miles.
9. Turn LEFT onto Idylwild by Iron Flats Bank follow signs.


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